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Brighten Your Look with Colors Meant for You

Shopping for clothes can be so much easier and more fun if you know which colors to choose and which to avoid. I will show you the colors that will make you look beautiful and vibrant. I will provide you with a packet of color samples individually selected for your hair, eye color, and skin tone. You will also receive a durable holder for your packet, which you can take with you whenever you shop.

"Becky has a way of making you feel good about yourself, even while telling you how certain colors can make you look better." --Mary Jo DiBlasio

I charge $60 for a consultation of approximately 90 minutes within a 25-mile radius of Dubuque, Iowa. A package including a color analysis and a style analysis is $100 (a savings of $30). Please contact me at (563) 581-9840 for a price quotation if you live farther away.

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