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Discover Clothing Styles that Work for You

The styles you choose can make all the difference in the silhouette you present. I've learned through years of reading, observation, and working with clients and friends that great style has little to do with height or weight. Your best looks depend upon how well clothing designs complement your unique body proportions. I will help you choose the necklines, sleeve lengths, bodice types, dress styles, jacket shapes, pants lines, etc. that flatter you most, no matter what size or shape you are. I will also make suggestions for accessories.

You will receive a written report with illustrations, along with a full-size outline of your figure.

"After my style consultation with Becky, people kept asking me if I lost weight. But I hadn't lost a pound!"
--Kate Kleeman

I charge $70 for a consultation of approximately 2 hours within a 25-mile radius of Dubuque, Iowa. Please contact me at (563) 581-9840 for a price quotation if you live farther away.

Kate Banda