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Who Is Becky Sisco and What Does She Offer?

Becky Sisco

I was born in 1951 on a farm outside the small town of Farley, Iowa. I always had a free spirited, artistic bent but, as the daughter of two hard working farmers, I had to learn how to live on the practical side. Thus, I zigzagged in and out of the 9-to-5 world and, the rest of the time, dove into creative writing, fashion, and the visual arts.

I have worked as an administrative assistant, a market-research analyst, a newspaper reporter, an art gallery manager, and a college instructor.

I have also taken tens of thousands of photographs (some of which are rather spectacular), produced dozens of paintings (none of which are any good), written and published a book (which is rather interesting), made so many pieces of clothing and jewelry that I have lost count, and helped many friends and clients define their personal style in clothing.

Each of my interests has informed the others and, through the years, I have developed my own approach to them. Now I want to share my best efforts with you in photographs, jewelry, wardrobe consulting, and writing (but not painting!). Enjoy.